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6-11.09.17 - For everything that makes good Timba and even more!

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Our instructors
Alexander Carbo Cuba/Italy Started his dancing career at the age of 10 with classic and modern. Six years later discovered his passion to afro-cuban dance. Graduated the National School of Arts in Havana. He is one of the best in afro-contemp, afro-fusion, timba and men styling.
Yoannis Tamayo Cuba/France Yoannis Tamayo is the star of afro-cuban dance, master of rumba and son, blessed with a style that cannot be copied, phenomenal musicality and a contagious energy.He was a professional dancer at "Casa de la Musica de la Troba" in Santiago de Cuba. He ownes the dance school in Paris and goes all around the world with master-classes.
Yanet Fuentes Cuba/England Yanet Fuentes studied for seven years and graduated with honours as a qualified teacher in Popular dances, Modern and Contemporary dance, Ballet and Folkloric dances from the world famous National School of Contemporary and Folkloric Dance in Havana, Cuba. She worked with Shakira, Graig David, Alicia Keys, ABC. She was the finalist of the first season in the show "So you think you can dance", the Great Britain.
Hector Oviedo Cuba/Sweden The great scholar and teacher Hector Oviedo Abreu was born on December 7th of 1963 in Havana. He worked with various groups such as “Ache Iya Obbar Iré”, where he was the manager for a time period, and he was also part of the famous “Conjunto Folklorico Nacional”.
Yoliana Conde Cuba/Italy A graduate of the National school of arts (ENA) in Havana. Soloist and assistant of choreographer Santiago Alfonso in the prestigious "Experimental dance". In 2014 Isaac Delgado invited her to work as a dancer and choreographer on the production of "SALSA, MAMBO, CHA CHA CHA", created to tell the world about the musical heritage of Cuba.
Pedro & Giusy Cuba/Italy These guys established their ”CUBACHÈ” dance school in Italy 5 years ago. Afro-Cuban dances and culture, rumba, son, timba are definitely THEIR cup of tea. And they will bring it for you to taste at Timbafest 2017.
Yorgenis Danger Cuba/Germany International instructor of ethnic and social Afro-Cuban dances and afrocontemp. He graduated from the Institute of Arts (ISA) in Havana. Permanent international dance-instructor of Afro-Cuban projects in Europe. Yorgenis specializes in ethnic and social Afro-Cuban dances and contemporary choreography.
Yeni Molinet Cuba/Italy Received a professional dance education in Cuba with a diploma "professional dancer and teacher of folk dance". After that, amongst the top three was included in the main part of the ballet of Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba. Instructor of over 100 international festivals in Europe and the United States.
Diana Rodriguez Cuba/Russia Originally from Santiago de Cuba. Since her childhood she was practicing different kinds of dances. Diana studied at the School of Modern and Folk Dances in Cuba; she is a certified dancer and teacher of Cuban folk dances. Diana is Ballet Folklorico de Oriente troupe soloist in Santiago de Cuba. The numerous winner of the national competition "Bailar Casino", the champion in the categories of "Casino", "Rueda de Casino", "Salsa Dance Show".
Yoandy Villaurrutia Cuba/Italy Gorgeous, charismatic dancer with a unique cuban plastic and energy. Studied in various courses of the famous school of cursos de Tony Menéndez. Has experience performing in theaters: "Nacional de cuba", "Mella", "Karl Marx", also danced in the show-ballets: "Tony Menéndez", "Havana dance star", "YolDance".
Annelys Perez Cuba/Russia Graduated from the National School of Art in Havana with a degree of professional dancer and teacher of modern and folkloric cuban dances and started her career at the famous "Conjunto Folklorico". Continued to improve her skills from such professionals as Bárbara Balbuena, Orlando "Papi" Alfonso, Isabel Borja.
Giordano Duberger Cuba/Russia He graduated from the Institute of Arts (ISA) in Havana. Received a higher choreographic education at the Art Institute majoring in popular cuban and afro-cuban dances. Was the first soloist in the famous dance ensembles "Ban Rara" and "Raices Profundas". As a teacher he participated in various festivals in Mexico, Brazil , Venezuela, France.
Marcos Fernandez Cuba/Russia He came to Russia on tour just to show the real salsa and was confident that it would be for a short time. But the tour was delayed and finished in Novosibirsk. "I went from Cuba, leaving the job in a prestigious place, but never regretted it. Salsa is not just an entertainment. It gives energy and emotions, brings happiness, and I want to share this happiness with everyone".
Eduardo Madrazo Cuba/Russia Has a professional education as a dancer. Today is one of the best dancers of reggaeton in Russia. Also has an elegant style of performance in the casino and columbia. A high level of training invariably provides him with a large number of students in the class. Directs shows and performs with them at major festivals.
Lisandra Garcia Cuba/Russia Has performed with such musicians as Manolito Simonet, Alexander Abreu, Tania Pantoja, Laritza Bacallao. Participant of television show competition Bailando en Cuba in 2017, a semi-finalist. Instructor of the annual dance festival in Havana Ritmo Cuba. Has her own dance school in Havana "A lo cubano". Can dance and teach both son and reggaeton.
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  • I was very impressed by Jorge Camaguey Izalguez. This dancer with sparkling sense of humour, deep understanding life and its values really inspired me. He put us on the way forward. It was interesting to listen to him and learn from him. After his workshops I felt a sudden burst of energy followed by great determination to further self development and acs of kindness. Many thanks to the organisers!
    Snezhana Lutsik Tver/Russia
  • Thanks to everyone!!! The level of the instructors at Timbafest is really something! I can’t find the right words to describe my feelings and gratitude to the instructors who have been sharing with us the knowledge, the culture and great energy during the festival. I can say only “Woooooow! It was awesome!!!”. And all this live music made me choke with emotion. Thank you all a lot!!! My only regret is that I couldn’t visit all the workshops at the same time. :))))
    Tatiana Safonova Rostov/Russia
  • Now here are my notes about Timbafest)) It was more than awesome!! The parties, the live concerts were breathtaking! I was really pleased with the level of the instructors and the workshops. I mean..it’s the best fest ever!!!! All the organisers and people who arranged the festival (Armen, Vitaliy, Sergey, Nina, Masha, Olya, Irina…) deserve respect and admiration! Thank you, guys, a lot! Also, many thanks to the musicians at the workshops, it would have been different without them. In short, Timbafest 2014 is no like other event in Russia. I’ve never been to anything like this. It’s the least part of what I want to say and express in words. We’ll definitely come to the festival again next year
    Anton Kozyr’ Volgograd/Russia
  • My greatest respect to all the organisers! You did huge job! It’s a unique festival and the progress is noticeable! ;) I’m positive that every year you’ll bring this joy to all Timba fans.;) I have only one recommendation to the participants - “Support the projects like this with your presence! They are made only for you and can exist only with you! ;)” P.S. Live music was mind-blowing!!! ;)
    Andrey Korzun Krasnoyarsk/Russia
Armen Grigorian Organizator, accomodation timbafest@armenycasa.ru +7 (915) 046-88-92
Elena Sukhanaeva Foreign guests manager, show program timbafest@armenycasa.ru +7 (926) 147-31-48